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In today's busy lifestyle,it is time consuming to cook each meal . Hence, we at FitFood help you achieve your Fitness goals by providing healthy and yummilicious meals at your doorstep.

It is said that a successful fitness journey is a result of 70% 'Quantified Nutrition' and 30% Exercise. Now making these Quantified Nutritious Meals into tasty ones that satiate your appetite ,so that you stick to the diet is a challenge,which we at FitFood understand. Our passion for cooking and knowledge of nutrition together has given birth to our health food venture 'FitFood'.


Paneer Sambar

Pizza On Keto

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keema stuffed bell peppers

Our Services

FitFood is a convenience based healthy food provider, where we curate a menu as per your individual nutritional needs.We believe in ' Healthy food can be tasty too'. Using the freshest and choicest ingredients ,we weigh them raw and then cook them with our tried and tested recipes, so as to satiate your palate with healthy food.

So if you are on a Ketogenic Diet , Low Carb Diet, want to replace one meal with a wholesome fresh Salad or want to simply eat healthy. We have all Subscription plans with meals delivered to your doorstep, to help achieve your fitness goals quicker and better.

About Us

Mouli Gupta

Co-Founder & Chef/Baker

Mouli is a passionate Chef and Baker who has had the opportunity to work with 5 star Hotel Kitchens ,during and after completion of her Bachelor's in Hotel Management and Catering Technology. She loves creating recipes that are yummy yet nutritious.

Ambarish Gupta


Ambarish is a Master Mariner by profession and is a huge Fitness Enthusiast. He helps us in Recipe Development and challenges us with healthier versions of dishes and bakes. When not helping us at FitFood he is found in the gym pumping iron!

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